We have been lucky to have two residencies with the mi.mu Gloves, where Heart n Soul artist Dean Rodney Jr. has learnt how to use the gloves to make music and perform with.

During the first residency Dean adapted a song he wrote for a performance with the gloves called, “Sabrin Summer Funk”

We had a really interesting time working with the gloves. We used the software that comes with the gloves, Glover, with Ableton Live. There's almost infinite possibilities with what you can do with the gloves so it took a while to decide with Dean and then make it happen!  The process we took was he had written a song which he wanted to remix with the gloves, we then set about talking through what he'd like to control by using the gloves - which was starting the song, manipulating his voice with delay and a filter and adding a guitar synthesiser - and what movements he'd like to do to achieve this.

We then worked with him to figure out the best way of doing this. There were some compromises along the way and including quite a steep learning curve in Glover and some hurdles of understanding we both had to overcome but the finished track came out great.  



In the second residency Dean was using an updated and more accessible version of the Glover software. This time Dean made in collaboration with Ravioli Me Away, a song and video called “Dean TV Girls”.

They also produced a video on how the gloves could be used to dance and make music at the same time

At the November 2017 Play Space, Dean performed with the gloves which took place at the Goldsmiths Digital Studios.



interview with Dean about the gloves

Why did you want to work with the gloves?
Dean: Because they are very interesting to use, I've seen people online using them and I thought to myself by seeing myself using them. By making music or doing vocals by changing your voice. It's like the big step of technology.

What were your first impressions of trying them out?
Dean: my first impression is that when I was trying them on for the first time, it feels like I am in control of what is going on the computer. By moving my hands or my fingers. 

Once they were up and running how easy were they to use?
Dean: Very easy, I started to get excited about it when I use them. Learning different ways with different effects with delays, controlling parts of the music etc.

What did you use them for?
Dean: Using them to remix of a song called the Sabrin summer funk, for the vocoder VT. The song is about people of the Sabrin universe celebrating the summer season and having fun. Enjoying their lives together.

What did you find difficult about them?
Dean: The timing when I was using to record the vocals, and using the instruments that went out of place. 

Did you have enough time with them?
Dean: Yes but I was using them during the summer, but in the future I might use them again maybe this year or two. 

Would you like to use them again?
Dean: Yes I like to use them again very soon, but I don't know when, but if I do it would be different by using different things on computer by using drums, keyboards etc. 

What is the benefit of you and Heart n Soul getting to try out technology like this?
Dean: Well it is very advanced and high tech, it be nice to try something new. Kind of technology which is very important of the modern day era, so people can explore new technology for making music. 

Adele Jeffs