Ableton Loop - Berlin 2016


Heart n Soul's SoundLab were kindly asked by Ableton to give a workshop at their amazing annual event Loop in November 2016. Lilly, Ashley and Richard went to Berlin for the weekend to give the workshop, which went brilliantly -  you can read more details about what we were doing on the Loop website.


Lilly wrote up her experiences for her website - Journalist On Wheelz - which you can read below.

Loop Berlin 2016

Thursday 3rd of November
We arrived and by the time we got to where we were staying after a mix up with taxis, there was just enough time for us to find something to eat before bed as we were all really tired.

Friday the 4th November
We woke up all refreshed and ready to get in to the loop festival 2016. We took a look around and tried to get to grips with where things were without getting too comfortable because we had our workshop to do so we was all slightly nervous but we were all very pleased with how the workshop went we all took a massive sigh of relief now that we knew that the workshop part of the weekend was over not because I didn’t think we would be able to get through it but I will admit that I think we were all feeling the nerves.

Saturday the 5th November 
What an action packed day we managed to fit a lot in, considering we didn’t  get to loop until the Saturday afternoon

  • Jam session: pocket operator i liked 2 out of the 3 of them.
  • Tony’s panel on open source lol me and Ashley turned into tech geeks lol watch this space I want to build everything- and you all know by now I’m a lady that sticks to my word
  • 3D audio thing lol I like to call him shaker guy, there not much more I can say about him apart from it did look cool.
  • Kimbra is a really nice lady who spoke about working in the music Industry I found this interesting,
  • Two people on the floor making strange sounds i’m told it was some sort meditation thing but to be honest it sounded a bit freaky so we didn’t stay in there long - Lol

Sunday the 6th November
Now we plan to get to loop for 11 AM when it started as we wanted to make the most of the last day I spent the morning going in and out of the different rooms I couldn’t help you I found myself running backwards and forwards to the jam sessions playing with the pocket rockets I did the afternoon we went to two panels that Tony AKA Big T from native instruments organised.

I then snuck out of there to go and watch the Copenhagen laptop orchestra we met a really nice guy called Rasmus Believe it or not lives in London so I think I talk to him into coming down to Heart n Soul so you can see what we’re all about.

well i just want to say that everyone we met were good connection and friends, and i would gladly say that we all really enjoyed ourselves and would be happy to work with everyone again.

Adele Jeffs