Garageband App


Mini music studio

This app has been very important to Heart n Soul. We used it as the main music making app for the Dean Rodney Singers project which had 72 musicians using it across the world in a giant collaboration.

The app is great for composing, and can be used for performing. One of the great things about Garageband is that you can quickly make music that isn’t just electronic music. For example the string sounds on the app are amazing and the way you play them by rubbing the screen seems to be very intuitive for people. What you get with garageband is the chance to create dramatic and expressive music.

The app combines performance and composition in a really clear way. We have found that our artists are very comfortable using the screen in different ways to play the guitar, drums, pianos, strings and so on to build up their composition. The editing process can be a bit fiddly but we have found that is true of all apps. You can export music out of Garageband, but it can be difficult to use it with other software like Ableton Live without good technical knowledge.

Price: free

Sandra Reynolds