Keezy Drummer App


Simple rhythm creator


We have tried a lot of drum machine apps on the iPad and there are some very good ones like DM-1 and Loopseque, but Keezy Drummer is the simplest and fastest app for making good sounding beats.

For quite a few of the artists we work with a good beat is essential for their song making. Finding the right app for this has been more difficult than we thought it would be. Many drum machine apps are just a bit too fiddly to use. Keezy Drummer is really easy to use and the drum sounds are punchy and clear. The player can just tap on the circles to switch on and off beats in the pattern and can swipe through different sounds very easily.

What the player can’t do, that is a very big problem for us, is save their patterns. We try to avoid apps where the musician can’t save their work so that they can build on it later. The only reason we have carried on with using this app is that everyone that uses it loves it and the results are really musical.

Price: free

Sandra Reynolds