Moog Theremini


The Moog theremini is a great tool for expressive music making. Moog have taken the first electronic instrument, the theremin, which is notoriously difficult to play and given it the potential to be played by anyone.

It is very intuitive and can take literally seconds for people to understand how it works. The sounds contained in the hardware are great and there is the possibility of changing them with an iPad app.

We managed to find a couple of methods of integrating into a ‘band’ experience. First as a standalone instrument and secondly by sending it midi volume clips from Ableton which would be sync’d with the tempo of the song.

it can lead to just one way of playing - the waving of a hand up and down - it can really benefit from a quick demo or training session

At the time of writing the price for a Theremini was around £259

Sandra Reynolds