iKaossilator App


Easy to use composer 


iKaossilator from Korg is a lot of fun. It is an app based on Korg’s very successful handheld music making machine, but in some ways is better. The app is full of great sounds for making electronic dance music.

The app has really good visual design. The player can use a single finger to create a bass line, a melody or a beat and the screen will show those finger patterns altogether. This is a very direct way to create a connection with the player and makes it easier to understand how the different music loops all work together.

If you combine this app with Guided Access you can use iKaossilator as more of a performance instrument - this is useful as it has really good sounds and some of them are tied to the BPM so they can work really well with other rhythmic instruments.

Dean Rodney Jr. used iKaossilator on his iPad to create a lot of the tracks on his debut solo album 'The Buzzard Degree'.


Sandra Reynolds