Electric Fire Interview



1. It's very fitting, but how did you come up with the name of the band?
William - “We sat in a group together and tried to throw ideas around at each other, I suggested Electric and Ehima said Fire!”

2. Which instruments do you all play?
William - “I don’t play an instrument, I control the sound”
Ehima - “I drum”
Alicia - “I use a microphone to sing it!”

3. Your music is notably very electronic, but for those who haven't listened to you guys, how would you describe your sound?
William - “Exquisite! It sounds like a club vibe dance off”
Ehima - “Sounds like a fire!”
Alicia - “Bip di di Bip Beep Beep”

4. Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
Ehima - “KISS - I love rock music and their make up on their face”
Alicia - “Alicia Keys - She’s a good lady and I love singing her songs because of the words”
William - “Meekmill - his songs are motivating”

5. What's been your favourite place to perform so far and why?
William - At LSO St. Lukes in Old Street. (a collaborative project Electric Fire did, working with London Symphony Orchestra musicians to perform their music and compose an original piece of music together - Richard)
Ehima - “It made us better”
William - “It felt big and different and we could mess around on the LSO’s instruments when we were there”
Alicia - “I loved the lights and I want to go again”

6. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?
William - “We all look at each other, communicate while we’re playing the song and we can just jam it out”

7. Do you get nervous before a performance and do you have any pre-gig rituals?
Ehima - “No”
William - “I get nervous”
Alicia - “I’m not nervous, just be happy”

8. What's in the pipeline in the next few years?
Ehima - “Go out and perform again, to gig more”
William - “Go and jam with other musicians, write more songs and record”

Adele Jeffs