Composing and performing

ThumbJam is a very friendly and great sounding music making app.

The app can be used in a very simple way, just load up a sound and play. But it can also be used to compose and record songs by layering lots of different sounds together. It is great to encourage people to get started but you can also get more and more complex in experimenting with it’s possibilities.

One of the really powerful things about the app is that you can control the scale you play in, this can be really useful when creating a band where all the music needs to work in a particular key.

You can also very easily control the size of the notes on the screen which means it can work for many different kinds of player.

We have found that the range of sounds that app can make means that it is really good at making music that isn’t dance or electronic in style. We have used the app in lots of different ways, from using it as a synthesiser as part of a digital band to a flute in a duet with a member of the London Symphony Orchestra! It has very good sounding wind, brass, stringed and keyboard settings, which has meant that when we have used this app in our public SoundLabs, we have found that people who are not into electronic music are not put off and experiment with a smile.

Price: £8.99

Sandra Reynolds