K-DOG - 'Technology'


K-Dog has been working with producer Lindsay Corstorphine in his Studio Sessions. He is creating an album and in each 2 hour session is able to make a complete track.

In this track he is playing various instances of drums, percussion and bass synth to create the beat. The words came from the experience he had that day in the studio and the technology helping him create his track but also create problems!

Sometimes one of the things with working with technology is when it goes wrong and things just won't work! In this session there were a lot of technical problems and it looked like K-Dog wasn't going to be able to complete his track. Lindsay said:

I sensed Kishawn was frustrated with the all the technical problems , and at one point it looked as though he wouldn't be able to do any rapping , but we found a workaround solution with him rapping into my iPhone Voice Recorder and then dropping that file into the Ableton session and then aligning it by eye to the beat. It sounded good! 

I gave him a mixdown at the end and asked if he wanted to work some more on the song at the next session , he said it was finished! 
Sandra Reynolds